Monday, April 14, 2014

The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding

so, i am editing this super rad couple and their super  rad wedding..
it was at the inn at rancho santa fe and it was perfect.
stay tuned.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jeter our Sheepadoodle

He is 15 weeks old already and he is so darn cute. He rings a bell to go potty and he sits on command. he also snuggles, whines and will run like the wind if a door is left open. He is awesome.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine

 So i shot my first editorial and it was for the awesome magazine San Diego Exquisite Weddings.. It is so surreal.. To see my work in a glossy hand held magazine is SO crazy cool! The fact they asked ME to shoot, pick the model AND location.. It is pretty nuts! This photog gig just keeps getting better and better!! It really is amazing what you can accomplish if you just go for it.. Don't be afraid of rejection and do what you get most excited about! What makes you tick.. You won't be disappointed.
Happy Wednesday lovelies.. xo-f

Monday, March 24, 2014

sandra and derek san diego california engagement shoot

it was a windy, bright and sunny day. i met these two lovebirds at sunset cliffs. it is where derek proposed and it was the perfect spot for their engagement shoot. i am so lucky that these wonderful people let me capture this time in their lives.. totally looking forward to their wedding in september..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

jeter.. the yankee or sheepadoodle

the latest addition to the family.. 
well he is finally ours and we are SO excited..
man, puppies are a lot of work but he is so smart and so eager to make you happy..
to play, cuddle and he hops like a bunny!
he is already loved so much.
he is a sheepadoodle and we named him jeter after the yankee, derek.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

san diego engagement session by the sea

more to come of this amazing couple. but here is a peek at last weekends engagement session.. he proposed here. so we shot here. it was perfect. 

Friday, March 07, 2014

boudoir favorite.

most brides book a boudoir session these days. usually a few months before the wedding i get an email inquiring.
i love it love it love it and so does their fiance. :) 
here is a sneak peek at one of my favorites from this session. so chic, sexy and beautiful.
see my collections here.

happy friday!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

4500 pins and counting.

are you on pinterest?
i am!
 this photo i took of the lovely kalista and kyle on a sailboat has over 4500 pins.. 
see it here.. 
wowzers huh?
makes me smile real big.

Monday, March 03, 2014

cheese plates, good eyebrows and more of what i need.

so.. had a birthday, it was a good one. i am feeling older and wiser.. {that is my response when people ask BTW}.. but it really is true. i am in my 30's.. 
i really have started to reflect, analyze, worry, appreciate, not tolerate and love in a more passionate way. i have become more confident in myself physically but more importantly, emotionally. it's a work in progress. i am always trying to be more of everything. a better wife, mother, daughter, friend, photographer, chef..
 i rarely stop for me. i mean
i put together a little list of something i do when i have those rare stops.. {for me}

my friend raluca who's blog is rad and getting better with every stab at her keyboard..
she is always right on the money with what we need/should/want to chat about.
my top 3..

 #8 - use a retinoid if you are getting wrinkles
#13- stop beating yourself up over every little thing
#43- take a social media diet. 
{i took facebook off my phone a few months ago. just another distraction to the beautiful life right in front of me, it felt great to do, don't miss it}

i love cheese. i mean i really love cheese. put a cheese plate and glass of wine in front of me and i am a happy girl. love this post on how to put one together yourself.. why do we pretend we can't have this at home? date night or watching the oscar's with you girlfriends.. we should know how to do a cheese plate at our casa!

this mario badescu vitamin c serum is amazing and i love it with all my heart. i put it on a few nights a week and my skin is shiny and refreshed in the morning. i love it and am happy i decided to listen to all the hootin' and hollarin' about it backstage on all the supermodels..
i may not be a supermodel but i definitely want to know their secrets.

 last week i went in for my usual grooming of the eyebrows and it really is so amazing HOW much better i feel when my eyebrows are done. it's like i am smarter, funnier, taller, thinner and having a great hair day all at once..
so easy to do. don't forget to maintain ladies. it is huge.

somedays i really need a bubble bath. i use lavender epsom salt. it smells divine and i am relaxed and detoxified..
everyone wins. a bubble bath is like meditating. that quiet time is priceless and worth a million dollars.
don't i wish i was taking it here?!
oh man. that would be amazing but my little tub here at home does me wonders.. i'll take it.
my worries wash away.. even if just for a moment..

 ok so this candle. it instantly makes me smile. it is so wonderful. 
i have one upstairs, downstairs and a few piled up in my closet for gifts/back ups. it is heavenly. i used to be a fruity kinda gal and it recently changed when i smelled this candle. this is a must try.

basically, i have learned taking care of yourself with just the smallest effort makes a huge difference and realizing that has done a ton for allllll of us. running a house, a business and all the in betweens {lacrosse, soccer guitar, tennis and homework to name a few} is crazy town and i wouldn't have it any other way.. but with some indulgences here and there.. 
we all win.

photo credits 1 2 3 4 5 6

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sequins and Candy Photography got married and changed her name..

So, I have been wanting to make this change for awhile.. I LOVE Sequins and Candy Photography.. I really do.. but as I evolved into a Wedding Photographer, I felt the name didn't quite fit.. Weddings are 95% of what I shoot and I just want something a bit more fancy pants.. So Sequins and Candy Photography has officially changed her name and it is..
i freshened up the website with some gorgeous new couples and photos.. a new bio, updated my feature tab and 
i have some wonderful things happening this year as Fawn Christiansen Photography.
how do you like my feather logo? i kind of think it's rad!
thanks for all your support and high five's..
cheers to taking the plunge! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

moments you don't see..

 i love the prep part of a wedding day.. the nervous excitement, the giggles, the champagne, the deep breathes.. it is a crucial part of your story.. it is my job to capture it for you and give you the gift of seeing what you didn't.. here is a small collection of some of my favorites..

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 is already off and running..

i had a sneaking feeling this was going to be a good year.. i am just feeling it.. positive, blessed, greatful and sort of just.. calm..
it's good. real. good.
 i have some great projects on the horizon, a couple tweaks coming to my branding and some fabulous brides i am ready to rock and roll with!! 
today.. i shot an editorial for san diego exquisite weddings magazine..
i of course can not share any detailed photos but on the ol' social media train.... there were some fun sneak peeks of me in action.. stay tuned guys.
april's issue is going to be rad.

Monday, January 06, 2014

last night.

this gorgeous girl. the one who made me a mom. she has taught me so much. so much about love and life.
last night as i checked on her before i went to bed she stirred as i lifted her blanket over her shoulders as i do every night.. i gave her a kiss on the forehead and while half asleep she said,
 "mom, i want to snuggle".. so i climbed in bed with her to snuggle.. 
she whispers " i love you mom"..  

i just wanted to record that.. i want to remember it forever.
it was so special.. SO incredibly special.

christmas morning photo.

after many stories written about puppies, conversations about when "i am 18, i will buy a puppy", after the hints about how much we would "LOVE" a puppy.. 
we decided to give in.. 
we surprised the girls with a puppy for christmas. well.. it was actually a box of dog bones because our little guy {or girl} isn't born yet..
but the girls were over the moon..
and. i captured it. 
this is my favorite photo ever.
their little faces on christmas morning.
it was amazing.
i never want this magic to end.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

cheers to 2013.

so today is the last day of 2013.. this year was a doozey, many big moments. makena turned 9. chloe turned 6. we bought a house. we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.. chloe started playing the guitar and makena competitive soccer, we took on the commitment of buying a family dog! {still not born but he/she is on her way} my career goals last year were to be published in a magazine and i am shooting my first editorial soon as well as a real wedding i shot will be published in print too, i was featured on real simple magazine which was umm.. HUGE! my photography has taken me to places i can't believe.. life is good.. not perfect but many perfect moments.. i have done a ton of reflecting this year. a lot of searching and getting all crazy about the "meaning of life and why it is going so fast". figuring myself out a bit. i have learned to imbrace imperfections and accept others faults. {my own as well} last year i said i do not make new years resolutions but i changed my mind.. this years are to just "BE PRESENT".. "DO NOT OVERTHINK".. and to "SLOW DOWN".. to just enjoy everyday. calmly. :) here is an imperfect family photo.. it is blurry, nobody is looking.. and as usual, chloe is being crazy.. BUT. we are all laughing, we are happy.. we are being real. and that is why a big part of me just loves it. .. cheers to 2014.. and.. it being AWESOME!