Friday, August 29, 2014

Big Sur 2014

we sat on this hilltop for 5 days.. no phones, no emails, no interruptions. it is our 3rd year camping in big sur as a family and it is SO good for my heart. like really, really good for it. life is a balancing act and it gets a bit crazy in the summer when my kids are home and my wedding season ramps up.. making time for quiet family time is a HUGE priority for me and every year.. i am smiling ear to ear as we float away from really for this short week.. and i am smiling ear to ear as we head home..

some amazing things are happening.. fawn christiansen photography

when i started this journey as a wedding photographer.. i had no idea what i was in for.. i think that is a good thing.. sometimes you just have to jump.. if you want it? JUMP! the net will appear and you will be fine.

couple weeks ago i was a part of something very fabulous and one of those "is this really happening moments".. my head is still in the clouds.. i will be sharing with you very soon... i have ants in my pants i am so excited..
it feels like it was a dream.. looking at this photo.. it looks like one too..
good things are happening friends.. really. really. wonderful. things..

Angie and Mike at the Sheraton Carlsbad..

I wanted to share one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite couples.. I photographed their wedding at the Sheraton in Carlsbad and it was full of love and awesome-ness.. don't know HOW i get so lucky.. my couple are the nicest people on the planet and I still pinch myself that this is my job..
 check them out.. and hire 618 studios as you videographer because they are the bomb.. 

mike // angie - sheraton carlsbad from 618 Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, August 04, 2014

wedding party at it's best.

i really love this photo.. it is bursting with love, happiness and joy.
candid photos are always my favorite.

San Diego Museum of Modern Art Engagement Shoot

So sorry I have been so quiet over here.. In the best way possible.. this wedding season is kicking my butt..
some amazing things coming soon my friends..
its hush hush right now but just wait!
here is a photo from last nights shoot..
 i shot this wonderful couple in balboa park and it was rad.
so rad.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


sometimes when i am editing.. a photo just takes my breath way.. this is one of them.

and this one.. did it again.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Print Shop Now Open!

Hey Guys!! Happy Friday!! I have some fun news! I started a little Print Shop! I have without even realizing it, developed quite a collection.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shannon and Brad // The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe Wedding

I met these two at a Starbucks with my usual, sample albums and a Soy Latte in hand. They sat down and I instantly felt like we were old friends. We chatted about their wedding, engagement, and of course, any visions they had.. and come to find out, I was their very first vendor they met with. The venue was not even nailed now but they did have little ol' me in mind and I was beyond flattered. These two were a dream to photograph, listen to and capturing their story was an honor. It was perfection. They are perfection. Congratulations Shannon and Brad.
{To see more of their perfection is featured on San Diego Exquisite Weddings Magazine}

Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Florals: Leaf it To Lexi
Coordintaion: Anchored with Love
Band: The Class
Dress: Monique Lhullier

Friday, June 06, 2014

happy friday.

so my littlest, she turned seven last month. we celebrated at disneyland. it was amazing. i just love her so much. being a mom is the hardest job EVER. kids make you love like you could never imagine. these girls teach me so much about myself, being vulnerable and accepting.. trusting that your emotions are what should lead you.. because after all, there is no manual to this gig.. you really lead with your heart. i do not know what i am doing, i just know i love them beyond words and i hope that is enough. 
motherhood is a crazy beautiful thing.
i am honored to be their mom

i have a wedding on saturday and plan on spending sunday paddle boarding and laying with my little family on the beach. there are a few amazing projects and new adventures awaiting me this week that i am so excited and honored to be a part of. it is a feel good kind of project. i love those kinds of projects so much.

the girls are officially out of school as of next week and i can not wait! we have some fun stuff planned, we are camping on the water in big sur this summer, visiting seattle, san francisco and doing a girls trip to LA! we will hike the hollywood sign, visit museums and lunch at the beverly hills hotel.. i cram as much as i can into the summer months, family time and travel are my ABSOLUTE favorite things in life. hands down. 
i don't want diamonds.. i want an adventure.

 i was at a friends house for a little bbq last week and she made these chocolate almond tarts, OMG.. they were divine.
get the recipe here.

am in love with this vertical plant wall. it is in new mexico. i have been sprucing up the backyard a bit preparing for summer entertaining.. i need to practice doing it more. i don't think this wall is happening, but a girl can dream, right?
image via pinterest

man, i love summertime. it is actually not here yet. but i can feel it. can't you?

happy friday!

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 i am in full swing wedding season right now and loving every second.. here are some of my favs from a recent wedding i am editing.. these are the photos that you can not plan.. they just happen and i am sure to be there.. waiting for them..
  and i smile REALLY big inside when i capture photos like these..

Friday, May 16, 2014

my story and a donation or two for those san diego firefighting heroes!

wednesday morning, i went for my usual run, died a little as it was super hot and it was tougher than usual, i came home guzzled water, took a shower, folded some laundry, took the dog on a walk, answered some overdue emails and headed out to trader joes to shop.. as i rounded the corner, i saw a huge plume of smoke right over the row of houses in front of me.. my heart sank, flipped, then flopped. right then, i got a call from a friend and she was in panic mode! worried about the kids and questioning, do we pull them out of school and where do we go? i just stared as this plume of smoke, with no words.. i was more in a foggy daze than in a panic... i turned right, towards the girls school as thankfully, they are only a 1 minute drive from home. I parked the car and wandered inside the school, there was no panic in the air.. nobody picking up their kids, just a few moms chit chatting and staring at this plume of smoke.. Like me, in a daze.  slowly cars began to pull up and you can see a bit of panic overcoming the school.  i wandered in the office and in in a crackly voice said I guess I'm pulling the girls out.. a rush of parents rushed the office, some calm, others beginning to freak out. i grabbed my girls and we headed out. makena was really worried and i assured both the girls we are fine. We are fine. We ARE fine. we went home, grabbed some stuff and headed south..  i called a friend who lives in a safe part of san diego and we headed there.. my phone was blowing up with texts, concerns and generous offers to help. it is amazing the support system we have as moms. people generously opening their homes. friends and family are what make life good when it's good and great when it's bad.
It is all a big, cloudy blur.. i watched the news, comforted the girls and prayed a lot on this wednesday.. So here we are friday morning, firefighters still fighting with all their might... we returned home yesterday and i drank some bubbly {usually a celebratory drink, but not on this smokey thursday} I drank with neighbor friends, we told out stories and expressed out fears. we watched the news updates from our phones and we were distracted for a bit. I was exhausted by 4pm as another fire flared up and another was contained, and then another one almost there.. That night, we ate dinner as a family and i took the dog for a walk by myself as my husband cleaned up dinner,  on my walk, in this quiet moment, i cried.. i looked at the gorgeous, purplish orange sunset and palm trees as they swayed so gracefully. . paradise was being burned to the ground, but somehow? I could feel a bit of calm in the air.. sort of a feeling of hope. i reflected on my wonderful support system, how we just "trust" that we will be protected by these heroes and  mostly, how all i cared about my family and friends being safe. in this crazy.. On Wednesday as we fled I didn't  care so much about  my "stuff".. It's actually a good feeling that i didn't! I just wanted to be safe with my loved ones.
 That's all.
my hard drive, some photos and my bag of camera gear, that's what I grabbed.
life is what is precious.
hug your family tonight. I mean., really hug them. 
the amazing firefighters are still fighting their little hearts out and i am so greatful and want to give back.
we donated coffee, water and pantry items to our local fire station this morning.. but i want to do more.
i am donating a family photoshoot to TWO firefighter families..
please email me at
i will literally be pulling your name out of a hat once i have a good amount of names and things have calmed down.. but if you know of an amazing hero and want to submit his name.. email me.
 if you want to help.. here is a list of san diego fire station. pick your local one and do what you can.

 {this photo was taken off my facebook page and photo credit was lost in translation, please let me know if you know so i may credit}

Monday, May 05, 2014

my job..

"My job is to give you photos that will remind you why you had that damn expensive party in the first place" 

when a wedding is done, it is bittersweet, i feel happy to give the images, happy when i get a response of gratitude and i love that i am providing something that couples will seriously have forever!! i mean, wedding photos are FOREVER, one of the only things that you really have forever from your special day.. {well, besides love, affection and an amazing best friend}
i have been working hard on the little touches.. your sweet package you get to hold in your hands of that amazing story..
the story of your wedding..

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fawn Christiansen Photography featured on Style Me Pretty

these two.. oh how i LOVE these two.. they are just overflowing with awesome sauce.. i wish i could shoot their wedding over and over and over again.. take a gallop on over to Style Me Pretty and check them out.. it'll make you day! :)